1. Random fact of the day: there are 10 times more cases being added monthly to AdvicePro than 10 years ago.

  2. Congratulations to our @AdviceUK GDPR Conference winners. We'll be in touch shortly but in the meantime here's the draw which was made yesterday (edited for brevity). 

  3. You're welcome, Ryan. If you've not seen what Ryan's talking about, give the helpdesk a call soon or check out the Recent Updates section

  4. I'm sure this is our 10th year coming to conference. Always love being at IMA.

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    Welfare Benefits Introduction 9- 10 April our next programme in London.  for details. Email, ring 0300 777 0107 for a place.

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    So how prepared for GDPR are you? Take our poll

  7. Always glad to see our southern friends. Just a regular January day in Glasgow.

  8. Our Helpdesk team are in the Christmas spirit. Alasdair, Steve, Mark and Ali are rocking the look round the office fire.

  9. It's not just MPs that are guilty of doing this. Sharing passwords and letting your browser save them are both bad practices. 

  10. We're at @MALGconf today in the Exhibitors Area. Come and speak to Sanja and Ali at some point today. We'll talk about anything related or otherwise.

  11. I promise we do stand near our stand most of the time!

  12. Excited to be heading to the 2017 @MALGconf later this month. If you're going, pop along to the stand and say hi to Sanja and Ali.

  13. Wish us luck as tonight for the Go Awards, Scotland. We're a finalist in the Best Service Award.

  14. AdvicePro training in London, in November.

  15. The 3 millionth case was added to AdvicePro earlier this afternoon. You've all been busy! Thanks to all our AdvicePro advisers.

  16. Welcome to Twitter, West View and thanks for those kind words. ~Ali

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    Young and in debt? How to get it sorted - 

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    We're running lots of courses running over the next 6 months. View our new training calendar at: 

  19. London bound for the @NAWRA_UK conference tomorrow. If you're going you'll bump into Lynne and Sanja on our stand. Say hi, they're friendly.